Domain Cymbals ~ Dominique Austin ~ "Daddy Daughter Dance"

Dominique Austin performing "Daddy Daughter Dance" an original song arranged by Dominique Austin and Sean Miles (Smiles).

R-Class Series Full Set Demo

The R-Class series is part of the dark series with a small twist. This series is raw and partially latched on the top and fully lathed and brilliant on the bottom. This create the perfect balance of perfect resonance, attack and warmth suitable for almost any music situation. Cymbals in this video: 15" R-Class Hi-Hats, 19" R-Class Crash, 22" R-Class Crash/Ride, 19" R-Class Crash

Paul "Buggy" Edwards - Pockets & Sockets of DC GOGO

Domain Cymbals Artist Paul "Buggy" Edwards accompanied by Keith "Sauce" Robinson conducted a clinic at our 1st Annual Drum Circle on 12/9/17 to give us a deeper understanding DC GOGO music. They are called "The Engine and Transmission" of the Legendary "BACKYARD BAND". They have been the driving force for the bands sound for the last 30 years and continue to innovate and inspire musicians of all ages and genre's. Domain Cymbal Setup (In This Video): 15" H-Traditional Hi-Hats, 18" X-Class Crash
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