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Flex-Fx Series

The Flex-Fx is the foundation of our effects series with its dark finish, smooth sustain and tasteful sound. This effects cymbal can be used not only by drummers, but by hand percussionist as well. READ MORE >>

Galaxy-Fx Series

The Galaxy-Fx series is made from our brilliant series with superb lathing, hammering and polish. The expression hole patterns allows for the cymbals to project cleanly with a tasteful wash and sustain. READ MORE >>

H-Monetic Series

The H-Monetic series combines the beautiful brilliant finish from the bell through the bow with the pure raw edge on the top and bottom. This cymbal delivers warm, explosive tones.

Solid Ghost Series

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H-Traditional Series

H-Traditional Series

The H-Traditional brings that classic full pure cymbal tones with an added flare with the heavy hammering all around the cymbal from the bottom side. This series stands out on its own.
Saturn Series

Saturn Series

The Saturn series is our brilliant series with superb lathing and classic hammering. This series provide the crushing tones needed for gospel, rock, grunge, hip-hop and many more. Pure attack with perfect sustain. READ MORE >>

Edge Series

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X-Class Series

X-Class Series

The X-Class series brings a twist to the dual hybrid cymbal family. With the bell and bow being traditional and the edge being brilliant, the sound is one that projects fully with sweet resonance and wash. READ MORE >>

Knight Series

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X2 Series

The X2 series is the close relative of the X-Class series. The main difference is that the X2 series has a traditional bell and edge with the brilliant finish on the bow with heavy top hammering. The series consist of only crashes and hi-hats. The hi-hats are crisp and clean along with the crashes that are full of body, resonance and tone. READ MORE >>

R-Class Series

The R-Class series is part of the dark series with a small twist. This series is raw and partially latched on the top and fully lathed and brilliant on the bottom. This create the perfect balance of perfect resonance, attack and warmth suitable for almost any music situation. READ MORE >>

Sting-Fx Series

The Sting-Fx Series is all in the name. This effects cymbals brings fire to any musical scenario. Whether used as a stand alone or in a stack combination, this cymbals is the icing on the cake when it comes to cymbals set ups. READ MORE >>